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  PAMELA ROSS ON "goodbye, harry"

My concept for a one-piano show started somewhere early in my life when my friends and family began calling me "Ham" instead of "Pam." From that time on it became my most fervent hope that I would never let anyone down. My Dad, Harry Ross, was really the original "Ham," the one from whom most of my material springs. The rest springs maternal: my mom, Elizabeth, kept us all in good spirits and good meals.

"goodbye, harry" is my own, personal tribute to a most unusual man. Harry was a selftaught artist, a musician who loved not only the classics, but jazz and contemporary music as well, a dentist, a sports enthusiast, and a quick minded man who was blessed with a delicious sense of comedy.

Harry savored every moment of his life, and then some. He left this world quickly and effortlessly, and with that same tongue-in-cheek humor: bending over the car, trying to fix a hubcap, his last words were "Doggone, the blasted thing is flat! Get me the tire pufferupper, would you?" And that was that. The rest I'm going to tell you about in the show, with the help of my piano and the blessings of my Mom. And as the ghosts of Chopin, Gershwin, Garner, Rachmaninoff and numerous distinguished others never objected to sharing the spotlight with me and Harry, they'll be there too. Enjoy!!