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  About "CARREŅO"

"CARREŅO" is based on the tempestuous life of the great turn-of-the-century Venezuelan pianist, Teresa Carreno. Known variously as "The Empress of the Keyboard" and "The Walküre of the Keyboard," Teresa Carreno earned a reputation based not only on staggering virtuosity, but on a wildly romantic lifestyle which included no less than four husbands (one of whom was the esteemed Scottish-born pianist Eugen d'Albert). Teresa Carreno held sway over romantic pianism for nearly 40 years and her life was peppered with great triumphs and tragic setbacks including the loss of a daughter whom she, as a teenage mother, was forced to put up for adoption early on in her career. Carreno's experiences as an international personality, along with her efforts to find love and reclaim her abandoned daughter, are the catalysts behind Pamela Ross' exceptionally entertaining evening of drama and music.

"CARREŅO" was a runaway hit Off-Broadway in New York City, playing over 400 performances and receiving a coveted Outer Critics Circle Award nomination for "Outstanding Achievement." "CARREŅO" has been hailed "a unique tour de force" and continues to captivate audiences wherever it is performed.